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Ciro DOCG 1967


A bottle of wine can be the perfect gift for any occasion. Especially a bottle of wine from their year of birth – anniversary year.

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Choose a packaging or extra accessory and surprise your customers, relations or staff, and package your (wine) bottle in an original luxury wine packaging.
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wedding gift bridal couple

Looking for a wedding gift for the bridal couple?
Sublimewinecellar.com has a wide range of old wines. From different countries and from the best wine regions.
The vintage bottles that we have on the site have been collected over the years. Always properly preserved.

Easily personalized gift by pouring a bottle of wine from:
Year of birth
Wedding year
Jubilee year
In / out of employment
Friendship year
So many years together

Your gift will be received with joy and you will be praised for originality. The recipient won’t forget this personal and original gift!
Everyone deserves a special gift.
Whether for a wedding day, birthday, anniversary or reaching a milestone. A bottle of wine from a special year is unique. Everyone is going to like this gift
Wine lover or not, a vintage wine remains a special gift.

You can order your wine bottle in a wooden wine box or a vintage wine box. You will be given the opportunity to order these in the shopping cart.
If you live too far away from the birthday boy or just don’t have the opportunity, you can also forward the bottle of wine directly to the recipient.

Wedding gifts by year

I already hear you thinking “is the wine still drinkable”?
Unfortunately, no one can guarantee whether an old wine can be drunk.
The only way to discover this is to uncork the wine. The shelf life depends on several factors: vintage year – how has the wine been preserved all these years?.

Good wines, so from the best chateaus – wine regions and harvest years steadily decline around 20 years. As a rule, red wines have a longer shelf life than white wines.

Opening a vintage wine remains a risk. Before you decide to open the wine, keep in mind that older wines become very scarce. A closed bottle of wine will keep its value.

Vintage wine is not considered as a product to be tasted, but as an emotion, think of memories of a past. It is primarily a collector’s work, with high antique value.

Red wine
White wine
Rose wine
Sparkling wine
Port Wine

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