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Chambolle Musigny Meo Camuzet Bourgogne 2013


Chambolle Musigny Meo Camuzet Bourgogne 2013

Burgundy wine:

Young wine from Burgundy has a bright red color. The taste is fruity with a fresh spicy aroma. As the bottle of wine gets older, changed the taste to spicy.
Did you know that the grape: pinot noir, the most commonly used grape of Burgundy?

Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding or an anniversary: with a wonderful traditional wine box you always have an appropriate gift to give. The wooden wine box is delivered including a low wood wool to fill, decoration and protection.
In the shopping cart you will get an option on a 1 or 2 or 3 pockets wine box to order.

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Meo camuzet vosne romanee

Looking for Meo Camuzet vosne romanee wines?

The way of storage is essential to the sustainability and the taste experience.


  • Constant temperature (10-15 degrees)
  • Bottles lying in a dark room

Meo Camuzet

Quality also depends on the harvest year. Let an older wine always to “rest”.
After transportation of the wine, the bottle 2 weeks put upright. Tilt the bottle than with policy.
Like a cork from a very old bottle of wine or port to be extracted, there is a good chance that this with a normal corkscrew will crumble.
A good quality wine can be drunk into old age.

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