Château Fonreaud le Cygne 2004


Château Fonreaud le Cygne 2004

Any old wine has its own individual taste and history. Unique gift to give or get a wine from a birth or anniversary year of a loved person.
Packaged in a tasteful wooden wine box is an ideal gift for any party! (delivered in a low wood wool to fill, decoration and protection).
In the shopping cart you will have a possibility to order a 1 or 2 or 3 wooden wine box .

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Old wine:

+ Relive the history
+ Emotional experience
+ Nice decoration
+ Great gift: give an old wine from the year of birth or anniversary year of the person
in question.

Everyone is happy with it.

Château Fonreaud le Cygne

Don’t drink the wine when:

+ The Cork not look good in it.
+ When the Red or white wine have a Brown color.
+ Opening vinegar smell or sour odor.

Red wines are generally better suited to preserve than white or rosé wines.

Good store wines are better after ripening. Matured wine is an experience compared to wines from a supermarket. Wide taste palette, soft and subtle in flavor and good balance.

Only way to find out if a bottle is still mature: by open the bottle. Even the best wine experts cannot guarantee.

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