Château de font Muree 1990


Château de font Morne 1990

Bordeaux is the most famous wine region in the world.
The conditions in Bordeaux are ideal to produce good wines: in the winter and spring and summers not too hot, not too cold. Also sufficient precipitation.
Four the maturation with him/her. Give a bottle of wine! Year of birth? Wedding year? Anniversary? The wine can be packed in an elegant wooden wine box.

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Old wines are becoming rare. That also means that the value keeps rising.

Wine 30 years old

Compared to the supermarket wines, old wines are pricey. Nor does it mean that an expensive old wine cann be drunk. Nobody can give you a guarantee.
There are certainly (especially red wines) still drinking in old age. Will depend on :

How has the wine been preserved?
Harvest year

If you decide to take the gamble and uncork the bottle, use a good lever opener (see accessories). With a normal corkscrew from your kitchen drawer, you will certainly break the capsule. The older the wine, the more fragile the capsule.
Allow the bottle to stand upright 2 weeks before use (sediment drops).
NEVER store old wine in the refrigerator. Wine cellar is the best.
Vintage wine is not considered as a product to be tasted, but as an emotion, think of memories of a past. It is primarily a collector’s work, with high antique value.

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