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Champagne Cuvée R. Lalou cuvée prestige brut 1999


Champagne Cuvee r. Lalou cuvée prestige 1999 is offered in the original luxury box.

One of the most famous sparkling wines from France. It is a typical party wine, grape: Chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. Champagne is a protected name. The preparation process that is protected is called the ‘ Méthode Champenoise ‘.

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Champagne gift from 1999 birthday year

Looking for a unique champagne gift from the 1999 year of birth?

The way in which you store the champagne is important. Store champagne lying down and in the dark at a temperature between 10 and 12 ºC.

The quality of the grapes plays a major role in the shelf life of a champagne. Champagnes made from grapes from a vintage year and grapes from a Premier Cru or Grand Cru municipality generally have a longer shelf life.

How long can a bottle of champagne be kept for?

A frequently asked question. The advice we give for non-vintage champagnes is to keep them for no longer than 1 year and drink them at a nice moment. An important condition for the shelf life of champagne is that the bottle must be stored in a dark place and preferably under a constant temperature.

Shelf life non-vintage champagne

A normal champagne (non-vintage) usually matures in the cellars for 3 years before it comes on the market. In principle you could also keep this for 3 years. We personally think this is too long and would rather not take a risk for a precious champagne that no longer has maturing potential.

Shelf life vintage champagne

Vintage champagnes are made from grapes from an excellent year. The better the year, the longer you can keep the champagne. An average vintage champagne can be kept for around 5 years. Keeping a vintage champagne for a long time does not result in a huge improvement. Here, too, we recommend that you keep it for no longer than 1 year.

Shelf life prestige cuvee

However, prestige cuvees can be stored for a long time. These are the best champagnes out there and often do not contain the cheaper and fast-ripening grape pinot meunier. Examples of prestige cuvees are Dom Perignon and Louis Roederer Cristal, Salon S and Krug Clos de Mesnil. Some of these prestige cuvees have a shelf life of 10 – 15 years. Of course depending on the year and the way in which it is saved and has been saved.

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