Bordeaux Superieur Langeac 1963


What makes this Bordeaux Superior Langeac 1963 special?

Bordeaux: This is a powerful fruity slightly to Vanilla scented wine that usually is composed of cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot. He’s good shelf life and can often long maturing.

Old bottles of wine slowly disappear from our society.
Four the maturation of him/her with a bottle of wine from his/her birth year. Anniversary? Relationship? Wedding year.
Make your gift an undisputed symbol of uniqueness, a luxury for a special person.
Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding or an anniversary: with a wonderful traditional wine box you always have an appropriate gift to give. The wooden wine box is delivered including a low wood wool to fill, decoration and protection.
In the shopping cart you will get an option on a 1 or 2 or 3 pockets wine box to order.

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Cabernet sauvignon:

The main grape variety for red Bordeaux. He provides good to excellent, powerful, wines on. A wine that all over the world and characterizes itself by his waist deep twinkling purple-red color. The smell is intense, full of fruit and this comes along with the necessary tannin in the taste. Can usually very well elderly.

Cabernet Franc:

Grape from the cabernet family. This blue grape produces very good Bordeaux wines, which appears on the wine of the cabernet sauvignon. He is what lighter in color and nature, but more elegant and more aromatic. He is usually combined with other species. Pure cabernet franc, for example, is made in the Loire Valley (Chinon, Bourgueil).


A grape variety, for the first time in books listed in 1784 as one of the better varieties in the field of Libourne. The name would come from the French word merle (Blackbird). It is a grape variety and belongs to the classic grapes of Bordeaux and the most important grape in Saint-Emilion and Pomerol.

Bordeaux Superior Langeac

Looking for a wine from 1963? In our wine cellar is a treasure trove of old, special and exclusive wines. Many vintages of different wines are present.
Do you have an anniversary to celebrate? Or do you want a wine from your year of birth? Or a bottle of wine as a gift with a vintage year of your beloved, acquaintances or friends?
Always find a reason to think of a nice bottle of wine.
Than you think, but is this wine still mature? Unfortunately, no one, even the best wine expert there is no single answer. 100% guarantee is impossible.
Important is, of course, how the wine is stored. Not too hot. Not too much light. Not too many temperature fluctuations. Ideal is a cool, dark place. Then wine matures the slowest.
Do you still want to open the wine, then we recommend the following:

Leave the bottle 2-3 days stand up straight (can the sediment pockets)

Drink the wine at room temperature

A cork from an old bottle of wine can be porous.

Decanting the bottle (pour in a jug)

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