Château Lagrange Saint Juliën Grand Cru Classé 1980


What makes this Château Lagrange Saint Julien Grand Cru Classé 1980 so special?

Grand Cru

Widely used term in the Bordeaux and Burgundy that the very best vineyards.

Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding or an anniversary: with a wonderful traditional wine box you always have an appropriate gift to give. The wooden wine box is delivered including a low wood wool to fill, decoration and protection.
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1980 birthday gift man

It’s difficult these days to buy a nice and unique gift. Looking for a 1980 birthday gift man? Perhaps we can help you find a suitable gift that the recipient will talk about for a long time.

Keep wines lying, so the Cork doesn’t dry out. This ensures that no oxygen comes into the wine, because it affects the taste.

1980 birth year wines

And now to the most frequently asked question about old wine:

Is the wine still mature?

A single answer is not there. Impossible to guarantee. Important is:

Harvest years
Save method

Conservation tips:

Constant temperature between 10 and 15 ° c
Bottles always settle in a dark and odour-free space
A humidity between 60-75%

Should you decide to open an old bottle of wine then we recommend the following:

Let the wine rest (2 weeks stand up)
Room temperature

Please note that an old uncorking wine can be quite tricky, because the Cork is porous. Use a good corkscrew. (see accessories, different types of corkscrews).
A good corkscrew has an open spiral, so what you often see in kitchens are the close ones. (this runs the Cork guaranteed in pieces). The classic waiter is the best, because it’s Beneficial, effective and practically indestructible.

An old bottle of wine is an experience. Piece of history, beautiful old labels, Unique decoration!
Vintage wine is not considered as a product to be tasted, but as an emotion, think of memories of a past. It is primarily a collector’s work, with high antique value.

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