Viña evi Navarra 2005


Advice: don’t drink this old wine anymore!

Vintage wine, a unique gift

The  vintage wine  is completely disconnected from the concept of wine we are used to because it  is NOT a drink, but an emotion.
Giving a bottle of wine as a gift for the birthday boy or girl is more exciting and original than any other gift.

Wine lover or not, a bottle of wine from your own: year of birth or year of marriage, who wouldn’t want that?

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2005 birth year gift

Are you looking for a 2005 birth year gift?
On our you will find the most beautiful Old & Young wines. Several range from different countries and wine regions.
You can search for any year by using the red search bar. Enter your vintage and you will see an overview of the wines in stock from your desired vintage.
Under the red search bar you can also search specifically by name of a wine.

The wines are a collection and legacy. Always properly preserved with a lot of love for the wine.
The nice and especially special thing about (old) wines is that it is a gift that is always possible. For every occasion. Especially a wine from a special year for the birthday boy or girl, makes it just that little bit more personal.

For example, consider a wine from:
Year of birth
year of marriage
anniversary year
So many anniversary company
Friendship Year

You may be wondering if the wine you are looking for is still drinkable.
A very fair question. Unfortunately, no one can give a 100% guarantee. Depends on a number of factors.
Year of harvest, origin, quality standard, storage.

The right wines from the best wine regions can certainly be drunk. The quality standard is also very important. In Italy you have the DOC or DOCG. These are the best wines that can be drunk at a higher age. In France this is GC (Grand Cru) or GCC (Grand Cru Classe). You can see from this whether it is a quality wine. Systematically, the best wines go back around 20 years.

Wines by hyear

Opening a vintage wine remains a gamble. Keep in mind that the old wines are disappearing from our society. A dense old wine will increase in value over the years. Suppose you think, I’m just going to try it, then I’ll be happy to give you a few more tips.

Opening an old wine is very different from opening a young wine. Corks from the old wine are porous and will crumble very quickly. Always use a waiter lever (see accessories). Definitely not a home garden and kitchen corkscrew. This is guaranteed to destroy the capsule.
Old wines have sediment in the bottle (drab, lees). Just a healthy and good sign. Leave the bottle upright for several days before use. Sediment then sinks to the bottom.
If you wish, we will package your wine in a beautiful wine packaging. Regular wooden wine box – handmade vintage look wine box.
If you want to have the wine sent directly to the birthday boy or girl, that is of course no problem. Enter the recipient’s details for the shipping address. At “note” you can also leave a short text and I will ensure that this text is included with your order.
The chance that someone else will come up with such a special gift like you is virtually nil. For every milestone achieved, there is an old bottle of wine.

Vintage wine is not regarded as a product to be tasted, but to be regarded as an emotion, think of memories of a past time. It is mainly a collector’s work, with high antique value.

Red wine
White wine
Sparkling wine

Take a look at the offers On sale : Vintage wines, click here.

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